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Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Collection! Handmade Design Sense Mori Fresh Light Luxury Jewelry Factory Ornament Jewelry Wholesale

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Collection! Handmade Design Sense Mori Fresh Light Luxury Jewelry Factory Ornament Jewelry Wholesale

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material: mixed material
processing Technology: Handmade
brand: Bright Eyes
production No.: 65689454
sales Serial Number: 85945565
style: Women's
shape: Geometric
applicable occasions for gifts: travel commemoration
item No.: mixed number
origin: Yiwu
main downstream platform: ebay
main downstream platform: Amazon
main downstream platform: wish
main downstream platforms: AliExpress
main downstream platform: independent station
main downstream platform: LAZADA
color: 494
color: 849
color: B- 171
color: B- 110
color: 1447
color: 517
color: 415
color: C- 149
color: B- 530
with authorized private brands: no
whether cross-border export is exclusively available: Yes
popular elements: round
year of listing/Season: summer 2022
style: French retro
style classification: artistic retro
product Category: Jewelry
main sales area: South America
main sales area: Southeast Asia
main sales area: North America
main sales area: Northeast Asia
main sales area: Middle East
main sales areas: Others
popular element classification: Geometry

[Welcome to Bright Eyes]]
the pearls on the bracelet are natural freshwater pearls. The grain size of each shape is different.

The green one is water grass Stone

the small red one is strawberry quartz beads

mobile phone Real shot

product Size: elastic band size adjustable


By default, all products of express delivery are mobile phones. The light angle of real shot is different, which makes the actual product slightly different from the picture. It is normal that the size is measured manually and there will be slight deviation.
Production. It is normal that hand marks will be left.
925 silver accessories: blackening of ornaments is a normal natural phenomenon, because sulfur and oxide in air and other natural media have certain corrosive effects on silver. After wearing for a period of time, there will be some tiny spots (silver sulfide film), which will spread into pieces for a long time. First, the yellow color will become serious or even black. Even if a protective film is plated on the surface of ornament, oxidation will still occur if you do not pay attention to it for a long time. Therefore, at present, ornament has some discoloration due to oxidation. However, if you pay attention to the following points, you can extend the brightness period of your baby by ornament ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
① do not wear precious metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
② avoid water vapor and chemicals, avoid bathing, and pay attention to sweat ~ ~
③ after wearing it every day, wipe it clean with cotton cloth (especially sweating or bathing) and then put it in a jewelry box or bag for sealing and preservation. Blackening solution if oxidation blackening is not very serious, please don't worry, you can wipe it with silver polishing cloth. Don't rush to wash it with silver wash water ~~~ after all, it is also a chemical preparation and has certain corrosive effect on ornament.

[Welcome to bright eyes home] Handmade

use 925 ear hook.

Gray agate stone transparent crystal. Irregular color, containing mineral impurities. It is normal,

copper is mostly used in the metal part.

This season is shark gray low-key return, soft and elegant, versatile and textured, setting off a new round of gray trend in this season.

Tips before purchase: ↓

different background angle photo display will have natural light refraction effect

there is no P picture for mobile phone Real shot

replaceable ear clip (ear clip needs a single shot)

size: No. Tassel Style full length 7cm (including ear hook) other detailed size material pull down ↓

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